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House Swimming Carnival 2020

On Friday 21 February Tintern Grammar held the annual House Swimming Carnival at the pool. On a cool day the girls’ carnival got underway first and the house spirit and participation were fantastic from the beginning. The barracking was deafening from the girls as they urged their fellow students to swim their best. The carnival remained extremely close all morning with all houses a realistic chance to win the trophy until the last couple of races. The result of the carnival came down to the final relay with two houses able to win. Congratulations to Dann/Watt on winning the Girls’ House Swimming Carnival for 2020.

  • 1st: Dann/Watt 1474 Points
  • 2nd: Butterss/Cross 1464 Points
  • 3rd: Gordon/Grant 1454 Points
  • 4th: Somner/Stewart 1448 Points
  • 5th: Mansfield/McKie 1432 Points


Congratulations to the following girls who were declared year level champions on the day:

Year Level Champions:

  • Year 7: Holly White
  • Year 8: Ella Carboon and Melody Ch’ng
  • Year 9: Ella Jones
  • Year 10: Emma Du Blet
  • Year 11: Harriet Rasmussen
  • Year 12: Georgia Hargreaves


The Boys’ House Swimming Carnival started in the afternoon and the participation and house spirit was also of a high standard. The boys swam their best for their houses in each race and although the carnival wasn’t as close as the girls’, it was still very close for most of the afternoon. The final couple of events also determined the winner of the carnival. Congratulations to Gordon/Grant on winning the Boys’ House Swimming Carnival for 2020.


Boys House Swimming Carnival Results:

1st: Gordon/Grant           1552 Points

2nd: Butterss/Cross          1508 Points

3rd: Mansfield/McKie     1470 Points

4th: Somner/Stewart       1348 Points

5th: Dann/Watt                  1330 Points


Congratulations to the following boys who were declared year level champions on the day:

Year Level Champions: 

  • Year 7: David Derham
  • Year 8: Trent Chisholm
  • Year 9: Boyd Pearce-Schmidt
  • Year 10: Zac Crowe
  • Year 11: Kaidin Dalzotto
  • Year 12: Jeremy Yuen-Love

The overall House Swimming Carnival results were extremely close when the boys and girls scores were combined. Congratulations to Gordon/Grant for winning the Overall House Swimming Carnival.

Overall Swimming Carnival House Results:

                1st: Gordon/Grant            3006 Points

                2nd: Butterss/Cross          2972 Points

                3rd: Mansfield/McKie     2902 Points

                4th: Dann/Watt                  2804 Points

                5th: Somner/Stewart       2796 Points




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