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Preps visit Camelot Traffic School

On Tuesday 18 May the Prep Boys went on their first excursion to the Camelot Traffic School. The Preps have been studying the importance of having a healthy body and healthy mind, our Integrated Studies focus for the term, and our excursion linked with how exercise is good for both elements of a healthy life.

It was a fine line between which activity the boys were more excited for; the actual excursion or the trip on the bus driven by Mr Kenny. They all put on their helmets the moment they arrived at school, and asked every 5 minutes on the bus ‘are we there yet?’ We were blessed with dry weather on the day, perfect conditions for bike riding. When we arrived, the boys were taken through some road safety information as well as road rules they would need to try to follow.

The Traffic School course involved a round-a-bout, traffic lights, school zebra crossing and even a train line. The boys zoomed around the course, mostly remembering to stay on the left-hand side of the road! Teachers dressed up as school crossing assistants and police officers who issued tickets to super speedy riders. Many of the boys received speeding fines!

“I loved the bikes because they went fast.” – Jaden C

“I enjoyed the safety video because it showed you what to do.” – Alfie M

“I loved riding fast to get away from the police.” – George M

“I loved riding the bikes and learning how to stop and go.” – Ashton H

We would like to thank Miss Emily McLean and Mr Adam Kenny for accompanying us on our first adventure as a class outside the Tintern gates.

Mallory Peters
Boys’ Junior School Prep Teacher


Lion King Production 

We are very much keeping our fingers and toes crossed that our Boys’ Junior School production of The Lion King Junior will still run as scheduled tomorrow, with a Matinee and evening performance.

Rehearsals have been energetic and spirited and as always, the Junior school boys have been flexible, resilient, confident and enthusiastic

We look forward to presenting The Lion King Junior to our families and friends.



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