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We have been having BEAUCOUP de fun en français (lots of fun in French)! Students have all been playing games, singing songs and performing role plays. The students have been demonstrating a high level of energy and enthusiasm in French lessons. Some of our favourite activities are songs, and games such as The Bomb, Slap, Beat the Teacher and Kahoot. Last week many classes began learning the song, “La belle pieuvre” (The Beautiful Octopus). Another favourite song for the younger students is a counting song, “Moussier Tombola”.

Currently Years 1 to 3 are all using a gesture method known as AIM, which introduced last year with Year 1 & 2. For anyone wishing to understand more, this link will give you can idea of how AIM works although it is designed more for teachers than parents. Please bear in mind that in Canada a lot more class time is devoted to learning French than in Australia. Some of the year 1-3s are already attempting their own sentences without prompting, which is very exciting.

Year 4 has been focused on the textbook, “Les Loustics”(meaning The Kids), encompassing revision and learning some verbs structures. We have been learning a new rap song to help embed the vocabulary. Year 4 are now subscribed in a free trial to the excellent platform Education Perfect to support vocabulary development. You can access this platform at home as long as your student knows their user name (TS+ student number) and their password.

Year 5 and 6 have been learning and revising topics such as the daily routine which covers time and activities. Year 5s have begun to experiment with the Sock Puppet app to record themselves describing their daily routine. Year 6 students have begun to craft their letters to their pen friends- it would be terrific if students could start to bring photos of pets/family etc that they would like to share with their pen friend. Year 5 and 6 students have been subscribed to the excellent platform Education Perfect. As mentioned above, students can access this platform at home from any computer. Five minutes of practice every day is very beneficial – short and frequent practice is very successful in helping students learn a language.

Four of the Year 5/6 students worked very hard in Term 1, putting in extra hours at home to achieve certificates in the Education Perfect worldwide competition held last term. Tintern came 175th out of 1, 383 schools, which is an excellent achievement. Zoe Zhu in Year 6 came second in the whole school, competing against Middle and Senior school students! A big bravo to all of these students:

Angela Ni and Weylan Truong, Year 5 – Credit

Divya Mujoo, Year 6 – Bronze

Zoe Zhu, Year 6 – Gold

Want to support your child’s learning of French at home? All students in Years 1-6 are able to access the website Linguascope which is a fabulous resource covering many topics. The user name and password will be sent home shortly in student record books. Please do not share these details due to copyright reasons; they are only for students at Tintern. Our students should begin in Houlala, in the Elementary section. The apps do not seem to work, however you can access the website from a search engine. Students should always complete the Presentation first before playing any games. Please do not use any of the worksheets, as these are used in class.

Another excellent free website is  where students can choose a topic, do the tutorial and then play games to practise the language.

Highlight from Term 2! 

Year 1 boys enjoying a croissant


Year 3 girls playing the bomb game to practise numbers


Year 6 boys playing What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? Can you spot Monsieur le Loup?


Year 6 girls role play: Hungry Madame le Loup disguised as a teacher


Year 1 girls learning about the language for putting on and taking off hats/coats/shoes


Year 2 boys doing the actions to the counting song, Moussier Tombola




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