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Year 2A Scrabble Tiles, Counting, Purple Mash and Graphs!

It was a cold and cloudy day when the Year 2 girls offered to sort hundreds of scrabble tiles into order so that Ms Flynt could play a game with the Year 6’s.

We worked in pairs or small groups to sort the letters into alphabetical piles. When each group had sorted their pile, we all made predictions as to which letter would have the most tiles.

Next, we made a huge column graph on the floor to discover which letter of the alphabet had the most tiles. We will give you a clue, it was a vowel, just as we predicted.

Finally, we used the data we had collected and entered into a table in Purple Mash on our ipads. Then we pressed a button and made column graphs, line graphs and pie graphs.

We had so much fun doing this and we learnt so much about predictions and graphs.

Year 6 Camp 

Ask a Year 6 student about their 2021 camp experience and you will be sure to hear them say ‘camp was awesome’, ‘camp was the best’. This year, Year 6 travelled to the Summit Outdoor Adventure Park in Trafalgar to participate in 3 days of fun and challenging learning experiences. Students were engaged from the moment they set foot on camp learning about the 5 keys to camp success. For the next 3 days students lived and breathed these, making mistake, taking chances and always having fun.

One of the camp’s goals is to greater understand your comfort zone and ways in which times will challenge these. Students particularly noted this from their experiences in the Snowy River Challenge. This activity was made up of a series of obstacles that the whole team had to manoeuvre their way through supporting their team members as they do. In one particular challenge I watched as students hoisted one another over a wall, the trust, strength and commitment that the students showed one another brought me to tears. Students who before felt scared, nervous and unsure were supported by their peers to complete the task. It was inspiring to witness. Comfort zones were shattered and reborn bigger than before.


My heart was pounding, I have just stepped off onto the log of the Snowy River Challenge and below the log there is disgusting muddy, pooey 40cm deep water. I walked across the log cm by cm. Divya in front of me slightly moving the log.

I am near the middle now, Divya has just stepped off, making her the third person to the other side. Suddenly my legs start shaking at a fast pace. I try to inch forward but my legs are having a hard time doing what my brain is telling it to do. So, here I am standing on a log, below a muddy dirty pool of water, legs shaking and mind set on what will happen if I slip and fall in…

Mayah Dass



Alyssa Flint

Junior School Year 6 Teacher



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