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The last two weeks in the Middle School have been filled with a wide variety of events and activities, many of which are very much part of everyday Middle School life. From academic based programs, to sport and co-curricular, it has been really great to see so many students involved in different activities aimed at increasing their sense of connection and belonging to the school.  

Our Year 8s completed their Smoothie Bar event on Tuesday 11th May with all groups doing a fantastic job with their overall product design and business creation. The program helps to develop their understanding of what is required to create and build a business, including research into a particular product, financial analysis, marketing and pitching their product to an audience. The expo style event on Tuesday night was wonderfully attended by parents and friends, creating a fantastic atmosphere for each group to pitch their product to potential investors. A huge congratulations to all teams for their efforts over the two days. 

Sport continues to provide many opportunities for our students with regular EISM (Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne) sport for Years 8 & 9 (Year 7s will be starting their competition at the beginning of Term 3) on a Thursday afternoon, along with our athletics and cross-country training that operates three times a week. There has also been some other recent sporting events such as the volleyball tournament that saw 8 Tintern teams compete against other schools from around Melbourne and greater Victoria with a number of our teams doing very well throughout the one-day tournament. This will be followed up with a 3 day tournament occurring in late July. It has been great to see the level of commitment and effort being put into this opportunity.  

Another event that is occurring near the end of this term is the EISM Chess Competition. As a school we can enter only 8 students across Year 7 – 9 (girls and/or boys) so places are very limited. Our chess club operates from our library on a Thursday and Friday lunchtime and it will be from here that our 8 team members will be selected to represent our school at the tournament. Whilst we have many students attending the chess club who have been playing chess for some time, it is also designed to be a club for students who are wanting to learn how to play chess for the first time, so all players are welcome. 

I would like to thank our Years 7 & 9 students for their recent efforts during the NAPLAN assessments. With the end results not something that we as a school focus on, what was good to see was the high level of effort by which the students approached their assessments. Our students are encouraged to approach all aspects of their schooling life with the intent on doing the best they can. Be it class tests or assignments, performing on stage, in an orchestra or playing on the sports field, if you put your best effort into the preparation and the performance, that is all that can be asked of you. I would also like to express a big thank you to the staff who managed this process so seamlessly over the last two weeks: Mrs Bezaire, Mrs Hong, Ms Groseclos, Mr Beard and our IT team. 

Our Year 9s are currently working hard on their House Showdown performance in preparation for their final performance on Tuesday 15th June. This event is designed to bring our girls and boys together for some fun, whilst also continuing to build connections before they transition into the Senior College for Year 10 next year. I was lucky enough to walk around to each group last Wednesday to see where they were all up to and I was suitably impressed. Not only do they seem very well prepared this year, the level of fun and connection between each group was really pleasing to see.  

As we have almost reached the end of the first semester, we are approaching the time where reports will be made available to parents. For our Year 7 families, this will be a pastoral report highlighting the involvement and contribution to the school by your son or daughter, as well as a summary of the ongoing assessments and reporting that you have been receiving throughout the year as part of our progressive reporting. For Years 8 & 9, you will receive a semester report from each subject that provides a summartive overview of your child’s progress this semester. At all levels it is important that students and families spend time together reflecting on how they went during Semester 1 in each of their subjects, and look to set some goals for self-improvement during Semester 2. This will also be done in greater detail at the beginning of Term 3 when students are back at school. 




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