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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Tintern ELC has joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.

In 2001 Stephanie Alexander piloted the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Collingwood College. The program grew out of Stephanie Alexander’s belief that children learn about food early in life through example and positive experiences, which continues to influence their food choices through life. From there it spread to over 1800 schools.

In 2020 The Foundation rolled out an Early Years Program recognising the different environments within Early Years settings.  The program promotes a whole-service, play-based approach to delivering pleasurable food education to young children.

Through the Tintern ELC Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAGK) we intend to inspire and extend the children’s natural inquiry and wonder, creating a lifelong love for learning. The garden program will lead them to develop their interests and shared understandings of the world around them, the creatures within it and the sustainable future for the world. Developing the farm/gardening program in the ELC has a direct link to the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework and National Framework.

Here in the ELC, we believe that by offering this garden program the children will benefit from being part of the wider Tintern community, socially responsible and respectful of the environment. The pivotal aspects of learning in the garden program is the complete cycle of plant growth (from seedling to plate), through a holistic, hands on program.

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAGK) Farm program will offer children an ultimate experience as it focuses on a complete process of sustainably growing and preparing of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, harvesting them, cooking with them and sharing a meal as a community.

With the purchase of our all-weather gear we will now roll the program out to all ELC classes.

We look forward to our parent community becoming involved in this program through either assisting us at the farm, within the ELC during cooking classes or through our market place where we can share and exchange produce.




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