Student Voice

I’m Helen Tan from the 2023 Leadership Team, and I’m the International Student Leader for 2023.

As an International Student Leader, I’m taking on the task of helping other student leaders to organise a variety of activities that can enrich student’s lives and showcase the characteristics of the School. We will discuss how to make the School assembly more appealing to students, such as adding more music performances. We will decorate the school on Christmas and other festivals that encourages every student to join in.

My other task is to try my best to help the international students in the School. I will act as a communication link between international students and the school, both in study and life. Since most of the international students in our School are from China, during the assembly in the first week of the year, I introduced the Lantern Festival in China, decorated the teaching building, and had an activity of guessing Lantern riddles. Students and teachers can feel the festival atmosphere while knowing the culture of the world.

The most attractive part of this role is that I can improve my ability in the process of helping my classmates. The role was a little difficult for me at first. However, after continuous attempts, this role helped me increase opportunities to communicate with teachers and classmates. This role can help students improve their ability to communicate with others and work in a team, and this role helps me to integrate more among other students. I have a lot of ideas for activities that will still have a chance to be realised.

My goal in 2023 is to carry out more distinctive activities with my leadership team to make students feel joyful in Tintern and help more international students to integrate into Tintern. On Tuesday 28 February, Ms Shih hosted an experience-sharing session at the EAL Homework Club where several Year 11 and 12 students shared their experiences on how to learn Science for Year 7-10 students. In the next few EAL Homework Clubs, we will also host experience-sharing sessions on Maths, Chinese and course selection. We hope that international students in need can actively participate.

I am excited to continue working with my team to achieve these goals and positively impact our school.

Helen Tan | Year 12 Student, International Student Leader



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