Music Matters

Kickstart Music Camp

Last weekend 5 and 6 March, the Tintern music staff held the first full-blown all-in music camp since 2019. This was a great return to a Tintern tradition which has been sorely missed by the whole Tintern music community. These music camps are a great opportunity for students in music ensembles to gain some extra rehearsal time and also have a bit of fun. The team of senior music leaders planned two activities for the students which were a lot of fun. These were a trivia game, where we learnt some interesting facts about the music staff, and a scavenger hunt which resolved with the coded message ‘Never underestimate the power of music’.

Notably, we held the first combined rehearsal with the band and lead actors of Chicago, Tintern’s 2023 musical which will be opening at the Karralyka Theatre in 3 weeks. On Friday night the students had a pizza dinner followed by a special concert performance presented by our music teachers. This showcased the wonderfully talented staff in a way that we don’t see very often. On Saturday, we all participated in an African drumming workshop which was a huge success. The students loved it and created some vibrant music, as well as learning some African dances. Later, we had a delicious barbecue lunch together, provided by the Friends of Music, and we took our first music camp photo in a number of years. A huge thanks to the Tintern Friends of Music group, as well as to the teachers for giving up their time to put on this event. The Friends of Music are a group of volunteer parents, who put a lot of time and effort into music events like this, and we are fortunate to have their support. Overall, this music camp was a huge success and a great kick-off to preparations for this year’s music events.

Liam Rosewarne | Year 11 Choral Co-Captain 2023



Penelope Thwaites AM Class of 1960 visits Tintern

On 24 February, Alumna and Avenue of Excellence Inductee Penelope Thwaites spent an enjoyable time sharing her wisdom and musical expertise with students in a Piano Masterclass in the Kelson Room. Performers  for the event were Helen Yang (Year 11), Ruby Chen (Year 8) and Ronan Phelps (Year 7). The performers were supported by a group of piano students who also attended and observed the masterclass.





Clarinet Ensemble entertain prospective families

Our School in Action morning on 22 February was very well attended by many families. As guests arrived, they were treated to some delightful music performed by our Clarinet Ensemble (Amy Zhang, Ivan Chan, Ethan Hoole, Avie Lee, Sophie Richards, Mrs Lisa Clarke and  Isaac Lin)


Auditions in Term 2 for Annual Music Scholarships

Eligible music students in Years 5 to 12 are invited to apply for the following Music awards:

Ilma Kelson Music Scholar Awards

~ Outstanding Senior Performer (Years 7-12)
~ Two Encouragement Awards for students learning ‘desirable’ instruments for the orchestral program at Tintern Grammar (Years 5-12)

Penelope Thwaites Music Awards
~ Performance of an Australian Composition Award (Years 5-12)
~ Original Composition Award (Years 7-12)

Application forms are available by clicking on this link, from the Music Office or by contacting Applications close 31 March 2023.


Alison Bezaire | Director of Music




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