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Last Wednesday we had the absolute pleasure of a visit from Murrundindi, Head Man of the Wurrundjeri Clan. One of the classes he visited was our Year 3 Girls. Read below their responses.

What was Murrundindi like?

Murrundindi was showing all the compass points. Blaire

I think that Murrundindi was very nice. Olivia K

Murrundindi was AMAZING. Holly

He likes to play the didgeridoo. Katherine

Murrundindi was kind and confident. Tiaa

What did you learn?

I learnt that Murrundindi’s mother is an Aborigine and his father is from Scotland. Emma

Murrundindi was showing us how to do Indigenous art. Isabella

I learnt that Murrundindi can play happy birthday on the didgeridoo. Sienna

I learnt that before, the Aboriginal people didn’t have cloths shops and things we have now. Olivia Z

I learned that purple berries make plain clay purple. Selina

What more would I like to know?

I would like to know more about the Wurrundjeri people. Kara

How many Aboriginal people are there today? Corrine

What animals were on the oval when it was bush? Nina

What year was it when the other people came on their land? Olive

Why did we chop down the trees? Violet

How did he become a leader? Scarlett

I would like to know how old he is and where he was born. Stacy

As part of our continuing Reconciliation Journey at Tintern Grammar, Murrundindi’s wisdom, education and time spent with our students and staff, learning about Culture is essential. You will see and hear more about this as we continue on our journey together into the future.


Alison Andrews | School Chaplain, Reconciliation Action Co-ordinator













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