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Tintern’s Spamalot brings life back to the Karralyka Theatre in 2021

The school musical often brings cherished memories to a student’s time at Tintern and, this year, a talented group of Tinternites brought to the stage of the Karralyka Theatre a fresh revival of Spamalot, following on from the success of its last Tintern production seven years ago. A roofing issue at the theatre meant that opening night had to be postponed by a few days but, despite the change in plans, the cast and crew performed exceptionally, filling the hearts of audience members with laughter and song and, for some, nostalgia.

Before the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, Tintern’s production of Beauty and the Beast was the final show in the Karralyka Theatre and, this year, our production of Spamalot had the honour of being the first production mounted back in the theatre since March 2020! The stage was adorned with scenes of fantasy, hand-crafted by the crew, as the cast embarked on a quest to find the holy grail, whilst encountering characters who presented more obstacles (and humour) than help on the journey. The crew also included a small orchestral team of staff and students, who filled the theatre and supported the cast with resounding music from our little cave under the stage.

Many nights and weekends were occupied by rehearsals and diligent practice. Challenges were faced with resilience and positivity, especially by some members of the cast. However, despite the challenges and long nights, good laughs were shared, and friendships deepened. Special thanks to the teachers for their guidance throughout and to parents for their unyielding support! Everyone performed brilliantly across the four shows, and I think I speak for all involved when I say that it was an invaluable and unforgettable experience!

Lydia Tan

Instrumental Captain 2021

Spamalot Pit Player (Violin)

Cast, musicians and crew should keep an eye out for an order form which will soon be made available to purchase your own copy of the picture book collection of memories from your fabulous production of ‘Spamalot’. Mrs Bezaire


Year 7 and 8 World Music Incursion

On 10 March, our Year 7 and 8 students were treated to a rare performance by Yalla Yalla, an ensemble performing Middle Eastern music and dance. The excitement of the students built as they heard the unusual sounds of the Zurna (a double reed instrument) accompanied by the Tabla (a large drum) and the jingling sounds of the dancer’s costume coming from the back of the room as they entered for the opening of their concert.

The students enjoyed seeing the unusual instruments, hearing the stories of the music, and the interactive nature of the performance. Some students were able to participate in learning the stick dance called Saiidi from Southern Europe and learned some traditional belly dancing moves. After the concert, the students in 8E and 8B had the opportunity to extend their learning, as they workshopped more of the stick dance and attempted to play many of the rhythmic patterns of the drums and tambours/tambourines. Many of the Middle School students had not been exposed to the music of this region, nor had much knowledge of its culture and history, so this was a great way to begin that journey of exploration. This event formed an integral part of the world music unit in classroom music this semester. The students are looking forward to seeing which part of the world we will journey to in Semester 2.

Mrs Lisa Clarke

Head of Music – Instrumental

Year 8 Classroom Music Teacher


Congratulations to the winners of the Friends of Music Easter Hampers Raffle

The raffle was drawn during interval at the final performance of ‘Spamalot’ on Sunday.

1st Prize: Carole McKenzie (beloved singing teacher of 3 of the lead singers/actors in the cast)

2nd prize: Marian Johnstone

3rd prize: Lyn Rowe, grandmother of Ashley Rowe

4th prize: Erin Osbourne




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