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Happy New Year to our Tintern community and welcome to what is going to be a fantastic school year in 2021. A special welcome to all the new families that are joining Tintern this year – I do hope that your journey with us is an exciting and fulfilling one. 

It goes without saying how great it has been to start this year in a way that is as close to “normal” as we could potentially hope for, following the challenges of 2020. To have all students onsite and able to actively participate in the whole school curriculum is a wonderful thing. What has also been a positive change is the ability to have families back on the campus for different events such as our welcome back morning teas and information evenings that have occurred over the first couple of weeks. The energy and excitement that has been palpable at all of these events, matches the positivity expressed by our students to be back onsite, and highlights the sense of gratitude we all have about being able to go about our education processes in the way we like to. 

Having said this, situations can change at any moment and it is important that as a learning community, students, families and staff are prepared and ready to navigate any sudden changes that may be placed upon us in terms of how our education is delivered at school. We are obviously hopeful that this not required, but I can also reassure you that our staff are well-placed to adjust their teaching methods should the situation arise.  

Last year was another great year for our Year 12 graduating class. Their combined VCE and IB results again reinforced Tintern’s position as a leading academic school in the outer eastern region. When placed alongside further skills and attributes that our students develop in their time here at Tintern, our Year 12 graduates leave our campus prepared to make a difference in this world. On Tuesday 2 February we held our Valedictory Dinner at Leonda on the Yarra for the Class of 2020 and it was lovely to see students and their families together to celebrate what was an incredible year. For a full rundown on the results follow this link to our website: https://www.tintern.vic.edu.au/congratulations-to-the-class-of-2020

Our annual Foundation Service was held on Friday 5 February and as always it is a wonderful way to start the year. Despite not being able to have families or other special guests involved onsite, it was great to have students and staff across all year levels from Prep to Year 12. The service included reference to the school’s long history, dating from the Hawthorn era, moving to Ringwood East, Southwood Boys Grammar and of course the Tintern Grammar years. It also included the induction of our Year 7s as the Class of 2026, as students were introduced to the school and received their “Class of 2026” badge to place on their blazer. We wish them all the very best for their secondary years of schooling here at Tintern Grammar. The service has been recorded and has been made available for parents and the community to watch. 

This year the theme across the secondary school is “Opportunities.” This is about students recognising and making the most of the opportunities that they have available to them, both at school and outside of school. We will be continually focussing on the question “What else are you doing?” to our students in reference to the co-curricular and other programs that are designed to build engagement, competencies and life skills, whilst sitting alongside our existing expectations of academic rigour. As educators, it is obvious to see the direct link between enjoyment level of school and their level of co-curricular involvement. This could come from participation in the musical, sport, IT, debating, or any number of co-curricular areas within the school. We encourage you to talk to your child/children about the different opportunities available to them. Always contact the school if you have questions about this or need some assistance in encouraging your daughter/son to be involved in different programs.  

From all the staff at Tintern, especially those working in the Middle School, I wish you all the very best for 2021. Please never hesitate to contact the school through your child’s Pastoral Mentor or Year Level Co-ordinator if you have questions or queries about anything to do with school. 




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