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Prep 2021

The prep girls have settled in well to their schooling life at Tintern. They have enjoyed learning in their new, amazing classroom, meeting new friends and learning many new routines. Unpacking their bags, organising their record books, satchels, reading folders and belongings has been a natural progression for them. All the girls should feel incredibly proud of their efforts.

The day starts with play based investigation such as building nature scenes using playdoh and things from nature, coloured pasta necklace making, drawing, imaginative play in the shop, dress ups, playing with mini figurines, manipulating transformer toys, writing letters and much more.

After play, we begin the day with a well being activity, often focusing on how special and different they all are. We explore friendship and gratefulness through books and activities.

 The girls then immerse themselves in a literacy task such as starting to write letters, listening to sounds in words and using their sound fingers to break up sounds in words. They read, they write journals and respond to books. The girls have particularly enjoyed our Rhyme Reading sessions where they learn a new rhyme, investigate they rhyming words, learn new sight words and enjoy the repetitive nature of the rhyme. The girls have enjoyed learning to finger track when following the rhyme when reading.

Maths investigations come next where the girls have explored numbers before and after, counting, subatising collections and patterns. Currently, the girls are enjoying talking about height and measuring their teddies’ heights using different materials.

I have been particularly proud of the girl’s ability to paint their self portraits as part of their inquiry unit, “Me and My Community”.




Nicky Thomas

Prep Teacher Girls’Junior School



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