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Year 3 Girls 

In the 3A classroom, we use a thinking routine called ‘I used to think…but now I think…’

This helps students to reflect on their thinking and to explore how and why their thinking has changed. They see themselves and each other as learners, and make connections with what they are learning.

Students respond to the prompts by writing on a post-it note. These are displayed on the board in the front of the classroom. The process of thinking is visible.

The responses below show where the students thinking are in terms of our current topic inquiry on Antarctica. It provides direction as to where to delve further.

I used to think that the times tables were the hardest thing on the planet. Now I think that there are much harder things.

Ritisha R

I used to think that I would never be able to do a back bend. Now I think that it takes lots of practice and bravery to have a go.

Ayuni D

I used to think that polar bears lived on Antarctica. Now I think that polar bears live in the Arctic.

Jacelyn L

I used to think that polar bears live in Antarctica. Now I think there are no polar bears but penguins and whales instead.

Hannah D

I used to think there were no scientists in Antarctica. Now I know scientists work on Antarctica.

Ritchie M

I used to think that Antarctica was too cold for volcanoes. Now I think there are loads of volcanoes there, who knew?

Evelyn O

I used to think that Antarctica was the coldest, wettest place in the world. Now I think that I was wrong. It apparently is the driest place on earth.

Scarlett M

I used to think that the Artic and Antarctica were the same place. Now I think they are completely separate places.

Lana M

I used to think that penguins only walked on top of the ice. Now I know they also make holes in the ice and swim through.

Evelyn T

I used to think that Antarctica was very snowy and wet; that it was like a winter wonderland. Now I think it is not so. Antarctica is windy, dry and cold.

Grace B

I used to think that minks lived in Antarctica. Now I think they do not.

Alex W

I used to think Artic Foxes lived in Antarctica. Now I think they do not.

Taylor S

I used to think that the desert was the dryer than Antarctica.Now I know that Antarctica is drier than deserts.

Jessie H

I used to think that Artic Foxes lived in Antarctica. Now I think they don’t because they are called ‘Artic’ Foxes.

Amy G

I used to think that all Antarctica and Arctic animals such as Weddell Seals and minks lived in both the Artic and Antarctica. Now I know they live in different places depending on their survival skills.

Ariella B

I used to think that all types of penguins huddle together in winter on Antarctica. Now I know that only the Emperor penguins huddle in winter.

Ananya C

I used to think learning my doubles was hard. Now I think it just takes practice.

Isabella J


Karen Dang

Year 3A Teacher


Year 5 Girls 

We have been very productive in our Year 5A Learning Community. Here are some of our highlights of our learning we would like to share with you;

SEA – Sex Education Australia

We have been learning about puberty and how changes of to our body, physically and emotionally as we become an adult is something to embrace rather than be worried about. Having conversations with trusted adults is an important part of the journey.

Cross Country

We completed in the Junior School Cross Country, where we had to run a 1.5km route around the whole school, following the path near the ELC all the way to behind the swimming pool and Bus Bay.

ANZAC Day Research Project

To celebrate ANZAC Day, we learnt about the history of the ANZACs and how many of the traditions we still acknowledge today were part of our soldier’s journey. We worked in small groups to complete a research project to discover more about ANZAC day and why we celebrate the day each year. We made ANZAC biscuits with our Year 2 Buddies, and found out that the biscuits were shipped to the soldiers in an air-tight container and they were usually hard, using ingredients that wouldn’t expire easily. They tasted delicious.


We have been split into two groups along with the Year 6 Girls, to sharpen out chess knowledge and game strategy to become better players. Each week we run mini tournaments with different competitors to practice our skills.

Miranda Price

Curriculum Coordinator – Junior School

Year 5 Teacher – Girls’ Junior School



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