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Our first full week of school for 2020 has been fantastic. The girls have settled into routines and

enjoyed the company of their new classmates and teachers. It was pleasing to see many parents

at the Parent Information Night on Monday evening, I hope the evening provided you with some

insight into what the year ahead will present for your daughter, along with developing

important relationship with her teachers and other parents of your year level., For those who

were unable to attend ; if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would also like to thank families for their attendance at the Principal’s Welcome BBQ on

Wednesday, this was a great social opportunity for families to meet and get to know each other.

At both assemblies this week, the girls and I discussed our Compass Point of ‘Compassion’,

particularly in light of the bush fire tragedy that occurred over summer. Our girls reflected upon

stories of those who have assisted others in need by showing compassion, and then had the

opportunity to make a difference to others through the purchase of wristbands and sausages

today. I would like to thank our Year 12 Leaders for the compassion they have shown in

coordinating this initiative; it is wonderful role modelling to our younger students.

At the Parent Information Night, Mrs Thomas showed the parents an example of a Maths activity

the girls had been working on. The girls’ reflected on this activity the next day, noting:

We lined up with some numbers. We had the numbers 11-1. We did it without talking. Then the grown

ups had a turn at big numbers. We were faster than the grown ups at getting in line”.







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