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We were delighted to welcome many parents and friends to our Year 6 Induction assembly yesterday.

This special event gave us the opportunity to acknowledge that each Year 6 boy is a role model to our Junior School boys, and a leader within our Community.

We spent some time discussing the values and traits of a ‘good’ leader, and specifically spoke about New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern.

After the devastating Christchurch shootings, there was wide spread praise for Ms Adern, with quotes such as “Grace. Dignity. Courage … Real leaders do exist.

Your prime minister stands out internationally as a leader to inspire people around the world. Her poise, her steely resolve and most importantly her language of inclusiveness and diversity was admirable.”

When addressing the nation after the event, Ms Adern stated the following;

“(We have)…. responsibility to be the place that we wish to be. A place that is diverse, that is welcoming, that is kind and compassionate. Those values represent the very best of us.

We each hold the power, in our words and in our actions, in our daily acts of kindness.”

We spoke in Assembly about how similar these words are to our motto Factis Non Verbis, and how we can all strive to use our “power’ with daily acts of kindness.

We also reinforced the need to have “Clear eyes, Full heart”, our motto for the year, in all that we do,

We look forward to sharing our Year 6 boys’ final year of Junior School as they strive to be the best they can hope to be.








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