Club Tinwood # 1 Thursday 20 Feb – Pool Fun Year 3-6 Girls and Boys

Club Tinwood is an activity group that meets throughout the school year – usually once per Term , for Year 3-6 girls and boys from our Junior School.

Club Tinwood will take place on designated afternoons from 3.45 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. either at Tintern or a pre-arranged external venue- Transport will be organised.

Club Tinwood offers members the opportunity to mix together whilst taking part in a range of fun activities, organised and supervised by Tintern Junior School Staff, suitable for boys and girls.

The first Club Tinwood activity for 2020 is…  Thursday 20 February 2020


Join with your friends and splash around at our very own Tintern Pool. Jump off the diving board, play water polo, dive for the rings…and then enjoy a sausage sizzle

How do I become a member of Club Tinwood?

 All Year 3-6 families have received an invitation via Edsmart  or an enrolment form is available here

2020 Enrolment and pool

All boys and girls wear a Club Tinwood T-Shirt just like every club has a uniform.

We want our members to be easily identifiable, especially when we are off campus.

If you want to join Club Tinwood, speak to your parents, get their permission, and reply to Reception by Monday 17 February    

Please note – You can still order a Club Tinwood T-shirt  for $15 for future events even if you are unable to attend this one. We aim to have one Club Tinwood activity per Term

      What do I bring to Club Tinwood                                  


  • Sports shorts/Tracksuit pants, (bathers and towel for this one!!!)
  • your Club Tinwood T- Shirt and a hat if the activity is outdoors.
  • A sense of humour, fun and co-operation
  • A drink bottle and a snack How Do I get To Club Tinwood?
  • It depends upon the activity. For this reason, and to assist us with our organisation, you need to enrol in the activities by the date listed.


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