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Year 6 Girls visit the STEAM Centre

The Year 6 girls have been inquiring into their integrated studies unit on Survival. The girls have been developing their curiosities around the basic skills that are needed to survive and have researched survival stories about people who have inspired them. To support this learning, the Grade 6 girls ventured to the STEAM centre to predict, observe and explain how to filter dirty water. They were guided by Ms Campbell who talked them through a scenario that would require someone to make clean water in real life. Students conducted two experiments, first completing a hypothesis and then using the materials of a cut bottle, charcoal, sand, rocks, gravel, cotton balls and ‘dirty, disgusting water’ (Grade 6 girls, 2021). This inquiry lead students to be active participants in their own learning and independently learn through inquiry. 

Amy Brown

Year 6 Girls Classroom Teacher



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