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Year 4 Boys Visit the STEAM Centre 

The Year 4 boys have had weekly sessions in the STEAM Centre this term to complement their Integrated Studies topic of Plant Your Feet Here! The boys familiarised themselves with the digital microscopes and spent time looking closely at some plants and flowers from Mrs Campbell’s garden. The boys were able to see the cell structures up close and then capture the images as photos. There was great excitement whenever they stumbled upon an aphid or tiny spider!

Each week the class was divided into two groups and then alternated between two activities. One group worked with Mrs Campbell using the digital microscopes and the other group worked with Mrs Healey creating an animation using 2animate on the program Purple Mash. There is definitely a great deal of potential in the field of animation for some of our boys. Their finished animations detailing the life cycle of a plant were very impressive. The boys will be printing one of their microscope photos onto an environmentally friendly shopping bag in the next week, which will be a lovely memento of their sessions. A special thank-you to Mrs Healey and Mrs Campbell. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their time in the STEAM Centre and are looking forward to new and different activities in Term 2.


Claire MacDonald

Year 4 Boys’ Classroom Teacher



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