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Boys’ Junior School Bounces Back!

For those new to our Boys’ Junior School, we have a character named GROICK whom we use to help introduce and/or reinforce our School values (see below) through books and activities.

Welcome Back Assembly

We were most fortunate to have Tintern Alumni Ashleigh Dowling (YG 2020) attend our Welcome Back Assembly and read GROICK Bounces Back, a story she has written to emphasise the need to rise when we fall, or to bounce back.  Each boy has a hard copy of this story,  a virtual reading of the story is also available here . 

Each boy also has a bouncy ball to remind them to bounce back, to use at home (with strict instructions to gain parent permission before using it inside!)

In our Assembly we also spoke about the importance of being you and while striving to be your best is important, so is understanding that we are all different, and that who we are is enough.


Years 3 to 6 Assembly

In yesterday’s Year 3-6 Assembly, we discussed the 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace Tame.

Her story is such an important one for all children, with regard to the power of vOice (our O of grOick).

While the discussion was managed in a manner that was appropriate for our Years 3 to 6 boys, we emphasised the need to speak up when others make us feel uncomfortable, ashamed or left out and as just mentioned, the incredible power that can come from having a voice.


Safe Internet Day

We just had an absolutely classic gathering in our SW Centre for Safe Internet Day, where our Prep teacher, Mallory Peters, read the story, “The Internet is like a Puddle” described as; “The Internet is like a Puddle attends to the wonderful aspects of electronic communication as well as gently discusses some of the possible pitfalls of sharing, chatting and using data. There is a need to be mindful of those who are naive to the potential problems without denying them the wonderful opportunities.”

Our discussion at the completion was both rich and humorous, as we covered the need to seek guidance from an adult when encountering sites and information that makes us feel uncomfortable, the importance of using technology in moderation and keeping safe online, then on many occasions, hearing from our prep boys who told us that they have cameras at home to keep them safe!




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