Girls’ Junior School News

We are back for an exciting Term 2 and can’t believe it is already Week 4! It was such a delight to see all the Girls and their big, beaming smiles as we commenced the next part of their learning journey.

In our Literacy sessions we have continued to enhance our skills in reading and writing. For our Writing sessions, I introduced the Girls our Edit Method – a way to increase their independence as writers. Using different highlighters – ‘Pink to Think’, ‘Blue to Do’, ‘Green for Great’, the Girls can conference with me with their writing and take guided independent action. Now that we have our three coloured edit process, the Girls have demonstrated increased confidence to make mistakes or to alter their work to suit their intended audience. We have continued to explore narrative writing, thinking about how what we write has to be enjoyable for our reader. We used a picture of a door to explore all sorts of ideas for our story and we had amazing ideas such as fairy gardens, shrinking doors and candy lands.

In Maths we have explored time in the form of a timeline. We created our own timeline, showing the events, in order on what day they took place over the holidays. We have also been focusing on skip counting and number lines. We are working on our even and odd number patterns, skip counting not only from 1 or 2, but from a given number, either even or odd and to continue the pattern from there, counting forwards and backwards.

In our Integrated Studies ‘Plant to Plate’ sessions we created a list of all the plant foods we know and all of the animal foods we know. We discussed how we combine both plant and animal-based foods to create our different foods that we eat. We have also created our own ‘art piece’ showing an annotated diagram of a Flower. We used both art materials and our own drawing skills to complete our Flowers. We will be exploring how the food we eat gets to our ‘plates’.

Miranda Price |Year 1A Class Teacher

Mother’s Day Breakfast 

On Friday 12 May Junior school parents gathered for breakfast and activities in their child’s classroom. Then headed into CM Wood for two special performances from our students. It was a lovely morning enjoyed by all.

We thank the many parents who attended, our catering team, led by Kylie Hutchinson, our Musical staff, led by Mrs Casey and Mrs Nyhuis, our admin team and our wonderful teachers all contributed in so many ways.

We also sincerely thank Danielle Kelberg, mother of Luke Collopy (Year 5) for organising and leading our always popular Mothers’ Day Stall, and to all those who came along and assisted.

Allison Prandolini | Head of Girls’ Junior School



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