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This year the ELC children held a High Tea in the evening to celebrate and thank the special women in their lives. The evening began with sharing a High Tea, followed by the children and their special guests moving into their classrooms to participate in some activities together, making bookmarks, bracelets and working together on some construction.

In the last couple of weeks leading up to the High Tea the children had been very busy with a lot of pre-work preparing for the evening. The children shared different stories about their mothers, drew pictures and talked about what makes them so special. The children created a special gift and cards to share on this special day, wrapping them with love and care.

The TPG (Tintern Parent Group) also provided small gifts for the traditional Mother’s Day stall. The children visited and chose with such consideration and care the special item for their mother.

We have also been hard at work learning special songs to share. The special guests undoubtedly felt the joy, love, and thanks of the children as they shared a performance to end the night. Over the two nights it was lovely to see our special visitors engage in experiences with the children and meet families from their child’s classrooms.

The ELC children want to thank and celebrate the special women in their lives. We hope they all had a lovely day on Sunday.


Kristen De Vos | Director of Early Learning Centre



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