Boys’ Junior School News

Heritage Week

Our Prep-Year 6 boys gathered together for a special Assembly as we launched Heritage Week.

We spoke about Cultural Diversity recognising and celebrating our differences and watched a video of many of our Junior school families talking about their country of origin.

We then broadened the conversation to discuss the importance of diversity across many fields; race, character, identity, body size…and how diversity enriches our experiences, knowledge and skills.

It was a very rich Assembly and one during which our boys participated and engaged with obvious maturity and compassion.


Antartica Immersion Day 

Have you heard the sound a penguin chick makes? Tamara, our intrepid IT colleague in the STEAM Centre has. She embarked on an adventure of a lifetime by visiting Antarctica last summer holidays. Tamara happily shared her experiences with very enthusiastic Year 3s who enjoyed an Antarctica Immersion Day. The boys dressed up as explorers and conducted science experiments, measuring temperatures down at the school farm. 

Tamara shared insights gained only by a fortunate few. Did you know that tourists leave nothing behind…not evening footprints in the snow? This is to prevent injuries to penguins who fall into them. She told us penguins swim together like a ‘raft’ for protection and that icebergs come in many beautiful shapes, sizes and colours.


Mothers’ Day Breakfast

What a very special morning we all enjoyed last Friday at our annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast. My sincerest thanks to everyone who was able to join with us for another wonderful event. Our catering team, led by Kylie Hutchinson, our Musical staff, led by Mrs Casey and Mrs Nyhuis, our admin team and our wonderful teachers all contributed in so many ways. I was especially appreciative of the spirited and fun (and co-ordinated!) involvement of all boys and guests.

We also sincerely thank Danielle Kelberg, mother of Luke Collopy (Year 5) for organising and leading our always popular Mothers’ Day Stall, and to all those who came along and assisted.


Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School



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