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As part of our Term 4 integrated studies unit, Scientrific, the Year 4 girls have participated in several hands-on science experiments. We have learnt what it means to hypothesise, make observations, and draw conclusions. Up until now, we have explored solubility, made geode crystals, and even created a bioplastic out of milk and vinegar. In the coming weeks is the exploration of acidic versus alkaline products using natural PH indicators, such as purple cabbage. In the coming weeks, the girls will go across to the Senior School for some fun in the science labs! It has been so interesting to listen to the girls discuss and make predictions. They have been encouraged to become greater risk takers when making predictions – putting forward ideas even when they have ‘no idea’. One of my favourite predictions was during our solubility lessons. The girls were asked ‘What does soluble mean?’, my favourite response was the ‘odour that a dogs fur emits in the rain’.

Earlier in the term, we also had an incursion from the Girls In Tech initiative. The program was around the design of an app. The girls had to brainstorm problems that people face and how an app would be able to solve that problem. Across the four groups there was a kid’s cooking app, an organisational app that helps with routines, a personalised kids help line that links children with specialists that have similar interests (to make sure people feel comfortable) and a games app that motivates and rewards children to perform positive acts that help the environment. The girls had to look for competitors in the market and include unique features in their own app. They were also required to think of their target audience and design a logo – justifying all their choices in a shark-tank style pitch.

Halfway through the term – and I can see how much the girls have grown. They’re ready to finish the year strong and move into the senior levels of Junior School.


William Fogarty | Year 4 Girls Teacher





As part of the Performing Arts Curriculum, the girls from Years 3,4,5 and 6 have just completed a series of four dance lessons, designed to inspire engage and motivate students to explore the elements of dance. Our sessions will culminate in a formal performance for our Tintern community at Speech Night in December.

Warmups were part of the dance session and were done at the beginning of the lesson, followed by a short game to spark interest, encourage team-building and build excitement and curiosity for the lesson.  These activities provided a mental and physical preparation for learning. Throughout the dance sessions, the girls have also been taught how to move safely and expressively in a dance with control and sensitivity to sound. When working on the choreography the girls learnt about the elements of dance and also developed the expressive skills of focus, confidence and facial expression.   Through this dance experience the girls are developing body awareness and refining technical skills of body control, accuracy, alignment, strength, balance and coordination in fundamental movements.

Jacquie Casey | Junior School Choral and Performing Arts Coordinator

Prep Pyjama Day

Pyjama Day was a super fun time of all things snuggly for the Preps last week. We began the day with a little classroom parade and shared news about the girls’ favourite soft toys followed by pyjama designing. We have some very creative and arty Prep girls! The Year 6 buddies joined us for a Five Senses Scavenger Hunt and then the Preps enjoyed some quiet time with their buddies who read a selection of picture story books to them. A fun Maths activity followed recess, after singing Ten in the Bed. The girls really enjoyed the challenge of making a little playdough bed for a tiny teddy toy. We even had a four poster design! Some fun with food craft was a hit in the afternoon along with more ‘bedtime stories’. Snuggling down with teddies after a delicious afternoon tea to watch a movie was a special after school treat. But I suspect the biggest hit of all was the Mr Whippy ice cream van visit! It was a fabulously happy day of special treats for the girls as a reward for all their hard work in Prep this year, before heading home at 5:00pm.

Mary Whitcher | Prep A Teacher



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