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Surf Camp

Our Year 5s embraced the challenges of camps and had a memorable and enjoyable three day Surf Camp at Phillip Island last week.

They were respectful towards one another, embraced every challenge and participated in all activities. The bus rides were full of singing and laughter, and sleep time was simply that. The behaviour and attitude of the boys was exceptional.

They surfed, boogie boarded, visited the penguins, went ten pin bowling and had a fun morning at Amaze’n’things and made the three days a pleasure to share with them.



The Boys’ Junior School recognised Movember today with a special Assembly, featuring Kahoot questions and discussion, with boys having the opportunity to wear a ‘mo’. A sausage sizzle fundraiser was held at lunchtime. This is another opportunity for us to discuss mental health and wellbeing with our boys.


History of Monopoly

In our Boys’ Junior School Assembly yesterday we discussed the history of the famous Board game Monopoly, as it celebrates the anniversary of its launch on 5 Nov 1935. We followed the development of the game, including the amount of times that its original founders, Lizzie Magie then Charles Darrow, were rejected by the company Parker Brothers.

We listened to information regarding the use of Monopoly games to assist WW2 Prisoners of War to escape from captivity and then discussed lessons that can be learnt from Monopoly, both its development and when playing.

Lessons such as ‘persevere…failure and rejection happens’,  ‘Life offers chances…grasp those that are safe albeit challenging’ and ‘Use money wisely’.

This morning we held a special Movember Assembly in which our older boys worked with our younger boys to complete questions about Men’s Health in a special Kahoot. We all then donned moustaches and talked further about how we, as males, need to reach out to and care for and support, one another.


Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School and Director of Students




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