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The Buddies Program is a wonderful time where the Pre-Prep and Year 5 students get to come together and develop friendships. For our young learners we see their social skills be extended with the older role models and for our Year 5 students it is a great opportunity for them to learn leadership qualities and be accessible as peer support.

In the playground I observed the buddies take on advanced roles of engineers, while creating water pipes that extended down the playground and chefs, where they made the most delicious chocolate mud cakes, waffles, cupcakes and pies. Taking on roles as ‘engineers’ and ‘chefs’ allows the students to deepen their engagement in the task, take risks in their learning, exploring possible solutions and use trial and error to help them understand complete theories.

The Buddies Program support the students moving on to the Junior School, giving the Pre-Prep’s one extra layer of familiarity and continuity as their learning journey ends with the ELC, but moves on to the Junior School.  

The Buddies Program is one that is loved by all, and it is great to see the relationships between the learners blossom.


Claire Trappitt | Pre-Prep Teacher



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