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Inside the Year 1 Girls’ Classroom

The Year 1 girls’ classroom is buzzing with learning and fun! With 22 eager young students back at school with their friends, they have thrown themselves into their reading, resilience when learning new skills, mindfulness and yoga, STEM activities and team work. Significantly, we embrace Kira and Charlotte as new Tinternites and all are enjoying making friends. Routines and responsibilities are slowly becoming established and contribute to the smooth running of our daily class. Demonstrating how much ‘THIS GIRL CAN’ we practise our skipping skills several times a week. The coordination, endurance and persistence to skip can be difficult and for some, the initial protestations of “I can’t skip,” have soon turned into, “Watch me! I skipped four in a row!”

Recently, we planned and created our own paper plate, marble runs. Once again, failure, persistence and improvement were shown, with the eventual proud punctuations of “it works!”  In Performing Arts, the students have been Singing Rainbows and in ART, they began the second in their series of Self-Portraits. Our busy week also includes French, Library, PE, RAVE and some scheduled visits to the farm. And if we keep our eyes peeled, we might even find that scallywag of a Bear, hiding somewhere in the playground when we go off on our Bear Hunt!

Kelli Green

Year 1 Girls’ teacher


Year 6 Leaders

Our Year 6 Girls were recently inducted as leaders. They have been looking forward to Year 6 and thinking about what it means to them. Here are some of their thoughts as they begin their final year of the Girls’ Junior School.

What does it feel like now that you’re in Year 6?

Senudhi: We have more expectations and responsibilities on our shoulders than we did last year!

Layla: It feels like another normal year. Nothing for us has really changed, just a different classroom and a few new faces and that’s it.

Patience: It feels like I’m still in Year 5 but now people are expecting me to be perfect role model material. I’m not going to be perfect, but I’m going to try to be a role model.

Angela: Being in Year 6 doesn’t mean you point out mistakes made by the younger students, it means you can show them how to be “brave not perfect”.

What changes have you made to your routine?

Ines: I organise my locker, so it looks nicer. My handwriting is much neater than before so i can keep up with my notes.  

Milla: I’m being more organised and setting up my books in a way I can focus better.

What will you do to be ready for Year 7?

Sophia: Study hard and get ready for a whole new environment.

What responsibilities have you taken on?

Katherine: Now year it is our job to remember more things and be organised so you don’t miss or possibly forget them.

Weylen: I have taken on the responsibility of Girls’ Junior School Captain which is a great privilege.

Sierra: I take my dog on a walks and I help with the weekly shopping.

Jessica L: Having to be a role model to the rest of the Girls’ Junior School and having a Prep buddy that you need to help.

What do you think you will miss about the Girls’ Junior School?

Alysha: Everything. I love every single thing about the Girls’ Junior School and it seems weird that next year, we won’t be in it.

Gina: I’ll miss Mr Adeney because he makes school fun.

Riley: I will miss being in the same building as my sister and being able to see her whenever I want.

What are your goals for this year?

Shriya: To be a responsible House Captain for Dann Watt House and to respect everyone.

Jessica S: To be a good role model.

Mr Nick Adeney

Year 6 Girls’ Teacher



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