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Digital Microscopes: Discovering Plant Life. 

The Year 4 boys have been having weekly sessions in the STEAM Centre with Mrs Campbell. We are learning how to take photos of the different parts of a plant which links up with our Plant Your Feet Here topic this term. The STEAM lessons we’ve had have been exceptionally fun and interesting. I also think parents would be happy too, because we are having fun and learning at the same time. The Year 4’s all had to log on to the computers and plug in the digital microscopes in order to take a crystal-clear picture. The Senior School Library was also full of surprises, with things such as a model robot and comfy couches. The process to make the microscopes work was confusing at first, but once Mrs Campbell explained it to us, it was amazing!

Blake and Jackson

Year 4 students


Years 3 to 6 Assembly. 

We were delighted to welcome our Secondary School Captains and Vice captains, Jasmine, Andy, Annabelle and Elliott, to our Years 3 to 6 Assembly yesterday morning.

They spoke about their school journey, shared advice about ‘growing up’ and most importantly, talked about times during which they SHINE, and when they help others SHINE.

Elliott’s quote, “Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you want to remain strong” was especially important for our boys.



22.2.22 Day

Today we celebrated 22.2.22 Day, a palindromic (same forward and backward) and ‘ambigramic’ (reads the same when read upside down) day.

After an assembly where we had fun looking at different palindromes and ambigrams, our boys, in ‘twos’, participated in a fun 22222 Kahoot.

The Boys Junior School Staff looked interesting in their ‘two twos’. 




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