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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the ELC

Valentine’s Day, although traditionally for couples, was celebrated in the ELC this week and a big part of this was looking at the meaning of love. The children understand the important part Mums and Dads play in their lives and they are happy to show and express their love for them.

Celebrating the love that the children have for the special people in their lives is important to them. Through discussions the children were happy to share what they love about their Mum and Dad. Below are some of the answers from the children:

Maddox (3 years): “I love Mum and Dad playing turtles with me.”

Audrey (3 years): “Mummy drives me everywhere”.

Charlie (4 years): “I love Mummy. I love playing monster trucks with her.”

Fletcher (4 years): “ I love my Mum, my baby brother Elliot and my hot wheels”.

Tommy (4years): “I love my Mum and Dad because they give me toys and ice cream.”

Manni (4 years): “ I love my mum and dad because they play with me all the time.”

Through stories, discussions and craft activities the staff and children in all three classes explored what love is to them. The children were busy marble painting, colouring in and decorating love hearts, painting pictures of their special people and making a special card for their families.

Some of the books we read throughout the week were “When I’m feeling loved”, “The way I love you”, “I love you little one” and “Words and your heart”.



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