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Art in the Girls’ Junior School

What a great finish to the Year in Art.

This term, the Girls in Year 4 finally had the opportunity to complete their beautiful clay houses. We started these the day before lockdown began and completed them in the middle of November. The Year 3 class only just completed their clay coil bowls, and the always enthusiastic Years 1 and 2 girls have started their clay Christmas angels and completed their clay owls, plaque and fish. The icon 1950’s Flying ducks were designed and sculptured by the Year 5’s in clay. It’s been a big term working in clay for many of the year levels. It is always a favorite, the girls enjoy manipulating and creating objects, finding relaxation and calmness during these sessions.

As many of you know, I shall be retiring from teaching after 37 years at the end of this year. It has been wonderful being able to spend my last few years of teaching back at Tintern and being able to enjoy my love of Art with your daughter. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and many lockdown free years ahead.

Stay safe and well,

Naomi Greco

Art Teacher 


Year 5 Surfing at Phillip Island 

On Wednesday 17 November the Year 5 Girls went to Phillip Island for a Surf Day. We’re so glad we got to do it. It was a big highlight for me, not only getting out there in the bracing ocean myself, but seeing the girls thrive and enjoy themselves out of the classroom.

Years 4 and 5 have involved some changes and challenges for this cohort, and the way in which they have dealt with this semester’s disappointments with grace and good humour gave Wednesday’s outing an extra emotional edge. It was a special moment they finally got to have, and it brought out the best in them.

I am so proud of the girls. They bonded and they encouraged each other. They saw each other try, fail, try again and maybe nail it, or maybe, like their teacher, nailing it will happen next time. They were grateful, happy and free. With cold and sandy hands, walking the surfboards up the stairs at the end of the session was tough, but they worked together and got it done. They sang together on the way home and helped each other find lost socks when we pulled up to school.

Ines: We showed commitment to not give up and to keep trying. You fall off your board a lot.

Layla: I had never been on a surfboard before today. I got up to my knees and to me that feels like a good accomplishment.

Angela: I drank lots of saltwater but had a great time.

Weylen: It was so much fun to get to go outside the school after lockdown, even if it was for just one day. Being able to surf with my friends was amazing!

Senudhi: The surf day was one of those moments where you keep trying. I knew I’d eventually stand up, I just had to try again.

Alysha: Getting out of school was amazing. To go to the beach for our first excursion in a long time was just awesome.

Katherine: When we first got out into the water everyone got drenched by the waves. We gave it our best and everyone had a good time.

Patience: One word – absolutely amazing. Oh wait… that’s two words.

Nick Adeney

Year 5 Girls Classroom Teacher



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