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Christmas in the ELC

Christmas in the ELC is always a cheerful time of year. The children are always enthusiastic to join in the Christmas activities and share a part of their culture with their peers. For the children to develop a sense of autonomy and ownership in their program we hold discussions topics. At this time of year, Christmas is a popular starting point as the children are keen to share what Christmas means to them and how they want to celebrate Christmas within the program.

This year the Pre-Prep children decided that they would like to create a Christmas North Pole inspired area. This led into discussions around which animals live at the North Pole and what sounds adult animals make compared to baby animals. Aiden Gao is thoroughly knowledgeable and a self-proclaimed ‘Animal Expert’, so it was up to him to lead the group discussions. Through their interest of dramatic play, the children are learning the skills and dispositions to be part of a group, share their ideas and knowledge with each other and develop oral literacy skills.

As part of our Christmas Celebrations we normally host a Christmas Concert for our family and friends, however due to current restrictions we have had to film our concert. The children have been champions with their resilience and flexibility this year and they have risen to the challenge (and patience) of having the concert filmed. On the day of filming the children took turns recording their own special class song, as well as coming together to sing and dance as a whole group.  The children sang so beautifully and looked amazing as they performed with gusto. The countless effort that Shari Bhatt, our Music Teacher, and educators have spent ensuring the children not only sound spectacular, but also look the part too. We hope that when our families get to share this concert they enjoy it as much as the children enjoyed creating it.

Claire Trappitt

ELC Teacher



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