What’s been happening at Team Kids?

A big warm hello from us here at TeamKids to you.

We have had a very busy couple of weeks here at Team Kids, and we are looking forward to the last couple of weeks of the before and after care sessions.

We have had our first two Lego Masters clubs. These have been a big hit, with the students being challenged to build objects such as dinosaurs and building their own version of Lego HQ.

Cooking club has always been a favourite here at Tintern. So far, we have had a lot of fun making ‘choose your flavour’ muffins, where students got to choose from choc chips, banana, raspberries, apple and cinnamon, or cocoa powder, and there was a selection on sprinkles to put on top. We have also made rice paper rolls, at the request of our regular students.

Every term Team Kids holds a term challenge. This terms challenge is a Gingerbread Village Building Competition. We will be using our cooking club to work on our village, and the students are very excited to compete against other Team Kids schools.

Art attack club has also been a big hit. We enjoyed a symmetrical butterfly painting activity and will be hanging the butterflies around the room. We also started a Mindfulness club. We have only had one session, but the students all seemed to enjoy winding down and making origami snowflakes.

We have some exciting things coming up from Team Kids. This Thursday 25th, we will be having our first ever Lunchtime Legends for the Junior Boys. Team Kids will be running a lunchtime activity and encourage as many to come along as possible. The following Thursday 2nd December, we will be holding the Junior Girls Lunchtime Legends.

We are also planning for our end of year party. This will be on Friday the 10th of December at after school care.

That’s all from Team Kids for now. If you have any questions at all, please reach out. Our contact information is below.

Important dates:

-Thursday 25th November: Junior Boys Lunchtime legends

-Thursday 2nd December: Junior Girls Lunchtime Legends

-Friday 10th December: Last Day party


Alexandra Bonney
Director of Service – Tintern Grammar

0484 300 362
Head Office: 1300 035 000



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