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 Year 3 Girls – Adjusting to being with people again.

The staggered entry back to school allowed us to get used to being with our peers again with a steady pace. After the long period of remote learning, being around company for the length of the school day can be overwhelming – even for adults. The following are some of the strategies used in class to support a smooth transition back to face-to-face learning:

The Mood Meter

The girls were invited to share how they were feeling at the start of the school day. Some students used it to track the range of emotions experienced throughout the day. Just being able to recognise and name how they were feeling was a step towards the regulation of emotions.  Some students spoke about their worries and some shared the things they were grateful for.

Choice Board of tasks

On the final days of remote learning, Year 3A girls suggested activities they most looked forward to doing with their friends when we returned to school. These ideas were scheduled into the program so that all girls were able to reconnect with their friends in a variety of ways and groups sizes. Choice Board activities included building things mindful colouring, drawing, making things, playing board games and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Problem Solving with STEAM

Most students missed constructing and making things as a way to answer our questions. These activities helped us to focus our attention. We asked the following questions…Which is the best way to launch a kite? and Can solar ovens toast marshmallows?

As the term continues, we will keep applying strategies to practise self-regulation, to communicate positively and get used to being with each other for the entire school day.


Ms Karen Dang

Year 3 Teacher


Performing Arts in the Girls’ Junior School

This term the Performing Arts program in the Girls’ Junior School is a jam-packed theatrical sensation as the girls explore movement, song and dance in preparation for their production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. In this musical version, the beginning of the original story, how Christopher came to be turned into a Nutcracker, is included, though the main story follows the basic plot line of the ballet. The melodies of the songs are taken directly from the ballet by Tchaikovsky. Many girls have watched the ballet and listened to the music and similarly in this musical version, the essence of the story is the importance of imagination. The girls are loving the opportunity to be creative, use their imaginations and learn dance routines as they develop their performance skills. With this creativity, I see our girls shining brighter each day. The excitement is building, because at the end of this month, the girls will put on their costumes and we will be filming the show in the CM Wood Centre on the stage! The production will then be carefully put together as a film for the girls, their families and the school community to enjoy.

Year 1 Sugar Plum Fairies in their new costumes!


Year 4 Spanish dancers during rehearsal.

Jacquie Casey

Junior School Choral and Performing Arts Coordinator



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