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Letterland is a phonics-based program for establishing letter sound relationships prior to a child learning to read. This means it is based on the actual sounds that letters make in words. For example, instead of explaining that C is the letter ‘cee’, you tell your child that Clever Cat makes her special whispered ‘c…’ sound in words like cat, cup and cake…

Letterland works by capturing children’s interest and attention. Children relate to characters like Bouncy Ben, Harry Hat Man, Sammy Snake and Talking Tess. So, learning about them feels like play. Yet they are laying solid foundations for successful reading. All the information that your child needs is embedded in the Letterland characters.

Each week we have been looking at and investigating a letter from Letterland. From Annie Apple to Zig Zag Zebra.

We shared a story about the Letterland character and their special song. We explored the Letterland box that was filled with objects that start with the same sound as our Letterland character. Over the year we have found objects in the box from arrows, flamingos, mushrooms to zips.

We also completed a special activity around the Letterland character and now our Letterland workbooks can go home to share with our families.

This week we celebrated Letterland day. We dressed up as our favourite Letterland character or something that starts with our favourite letter. We played Letterland Bingo and went on a Letterland Treasure Hunt. We also helped cut up some fruit and shared a yummy fruit salad at snack time.  Below are some of the photos from our Letterland day but to see more please go to the portal to see all the others.

Genevieve Brown

ELC Teacher



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