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Physical Education in the Girls’ Junior School

We are back! It was a wonderful first session back with the prep girls on Monday 11 October.

We skipped, ran, laughed our way to the basketball courts for the first session back of P.E.

The prep girls played their favourite games “noodle tag” and “silly bananas”, with music pumping in the background. There was a huge buzz in their air as the girls enjoyed running around with their friends and enjoying each other’s company.

The first sessions back for all students in P.E is centred around movement, connection and having fun! And reigniting their love of P.E.

We look forward to welcoming back all GJS students and playing their favourite P.E games in the coming week.

Olivia Goder

Junior School Physical Education Teacher


Term 4 Music in the Classroom – Prep to Years 2; 

What a joy it was to be reunited with the girls this week, as the Prep to Years 2 students returned to onsite Music classes!  After having learned a large repertoire of action songs during remote learning, it was great to be together again in the Music room, with our focus now shifting to ‘The Nutcracker’.

Whilst it has been a challenge this last two years to get to Term 4 and be unable to sing together because of COVID-safe regulations, it is also wonderful as a teacher to come up with new approaches to doing things.

As such, we have reinstated a “Hello” and “Goodbye” song from last year that can ‘sung’ in sign language (this is great for inner hearing), and will be focussing on Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’.  This story, told through music, dance, costumes and sets, tells of how a girl’s imagination (Clara) comes to life on Christmas Eve after she is given a wooden nutcracker by her Godfather. 

The aim of our music classes, will be to help the students gain a broader perspective on this great work, so that they can increase their musical understanding as well as consolidate their preparations for the GJS production of ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse-King’. 

We will be exploring the music through discussion and movement, drawing out such concepts as Form, Tempo, Pitch, Articulation, Instrumentation and Mood.  Also, listening to students’ personal responses to the excerpts of music that they hear. 

Please look out for the girls’ Nutcracker listening booklets at the end of Term 4.  These should provide an excellent insight into their work this term, and their experiences of the music of this ballet.



Mrs Shari Bhatt

Junior School Music Co-ordinator





And we are back!

With great excitement, the Year 2 girls joined together last Thursday in real life!

Although we have all been very grateful to see each other online, we had missed seeing each other in person.

It was exciting and wonderful to be back in our classroom.

We chatted and played and we made slime. We had been waiting since the 5 of August to make slime together and that was 77 days.

It was so much fun and we did lots of experiments.

We worked with a partner, we needed to read the instructions, add the ingredients together and then we got to play. Some of the slime didn’t work properly to start with so we all got together and used our Higher Order Thinking to problem solve. In the end, we worked with our buddy and divided our slime into half and weighed it on the scales to make sure that we both had the same amount. Now we have slime tubs on our desk to play and experiment with when we are at school.

By Year 2A and Mrs Gluskie




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