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Aligned with the School’s Compass Values of Responsibility and Compassion, the ELC held our annual Big Breakfast from the 18th to the end of October. We invited ELC families to enjoy a delicious breakfast with the people they love, to take a photo, and share it on our School’s ELC Portal page. It is one of the many ways that we connect with our families and the wider community.

Each year, we choose a charity to support with our Big Breakfast. This year, the money raised will go towards Canteen, an organisation that supports young Australians impacted by cancer. We set a target of $500 to be raised and welcome donations towards supporting young people living with cancer, whether it is their own diagnosis, or that of a parent or sibling.

Giving back to the community teaches children empathy. By helping children connect with others in their community who may be facing a myriad of challenges and are less fortunate than themselves is a simple way to value this life lesson. Being a part of a fund-raising campaign for a charity, such as Canteen, can be both inspiring and contagious. When children see others pitching in to help, it inspires them to do the very same. Children feel emboldened to give back when they themselves see their own families donate time and funds to a worthy cause.

Mrs Kristin De Vos, ELC Director, hosted a Big Breakfast for the ELC staff and we used this valuable opportunity to slow down and share in conversation with each other before the hustle and bustle of the day. With hope and time, we believe firmly that we will be able to host next year’s Big Breakfast onsite and connect with each other in person.

Anita Mathews

Pre-Prep B Teacher



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