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Year 6

As we conclude our School year this week, Junior School Girls and Staff took an opportunity to farewell our wonderful Year 6 students.

The class of 2020 have been challenged in ways we have never seen before. But at each stage of the journey they have shown character, kindness and respect. They have looked after each other and listened when a friend needed time.

As we reflected upon this journey, I urged the girls to hold onto the qualities and values that they have developed in Junior School. To continue to strive to be optimistic, to be true to who you are, to face life with a growth mindset and to always remain hopeful about yourself and your future.

Each Year 6 student is an important part of our school and we will always remember the impact they have made on our Junior School. We wish the well as they transition to Middle School for the next stage of their Tintern journey.

Thank you to these wonderful girls for the difference you have made to our community.

Farewell to Staff

Along with farewelling our Year 6 girls, we took the time at our final assembly to farewell Mrs Kathy Agius. Mrs Agius commenced at Tintern in 2006 and has been an outstanding teacher for our Girls’ Junior School since then. At Assembly, the girls shared some happy memories of their time with Mrs Agius, including the wonderful experiences she had curated for them in her classroom. Kathy has been a well-regarded colleague, and personally I know I have been incredibly grateful for the many kind  words or positive comments she has made to me during my time at Tintern. Kathy will be greatly missed by the Girls’ Junior School community; however, we wish her the best of luck for a well-deserved retirement.

Thank you Kathy for the commitment, integrity and compassion you have demonstrated to our students, their families and your colleagues.

During this Assembly we also took the time to say au revoir to Ms Kelli Green who will be taking a 12 month break to recharge with some long service leave. Best wishes Kelli, travel safely and we look forward to your return in 2022 with lots of stories to share.



Congratulations to the following Junior School Girls on the wonderful achievement in the 2020 ICAS Assessments. These assessments are designed to challenge advanced thinkers across

Australia, targeting the top 10% of the population. Our girls have performed exceptionally well which is a credit to their hard work and commitment to their studies.



Linna Yue                                             Distinction

Avie Lee                                               Distinction

Enya Ouyang                                      Distinction



Linna Yue                                             Distinction

Ines Llobera                                        High Distinction

Stella Spink                                         Distinction

Madeleine Jennings                        Distinction



Jenna Ji                                                 Distinction

Angela Ni                                             Distinction

Lexin Zhao                                           Distinction

Ruby Chen                                          Distinction

Enya Ouyang                                      High Distinction

Emmy Zhou                                        Distinction




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