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End of Year Assembly

Our End of Year Assembly this week gave us the opportunity to share in some important moments. We watched a snippet from an address by Admiral William McRaven who was a Navy SEAL for 37 years. I have shown this before to our boys but feel it important, as he speaks about a number of ‘life lessons’, that can influence students to accomplish, and ‘change the world’. He believes that every child should make their bed in the morning, as it ensures that each day stars with “…a task accomplished.” He also speaks of the need to “respect everyone”, that “life is not fair and you will fail often”, that we need to “step up when the times are toughest”, and we must “never, ever give up” I challenge the boys to tackle each day over the holidays with these life lessons in mind.

During the Assembly, we recognised the large number of our Years 4 to 6 boys who participated in the Maths Olympiad Competition throughout the year, and who performed so strongly. We were also delighted to present each of our Year 6 boys with a certificate recognising their construction and flying of a balsa plane as a part of the Term 4 Flight Unit. Each boy also received a special set of
wings, made by our IT team on our School 3D printer.



Prep and Year 6 Boys 

During our Assembly we especially recognised our Prep and Year 6 classes. Our preps, in their first year of schooling, have shown amazing flexibility and independence, as they have bounced between school and home learning. Our Year 6 boys now come to the end of their Junior School journey. As we thanked all boys for their outstanding efforts throughout 2020, these two year levels especially have had very unique first and final years.
At the completion of the assembly,  we gathered in the playground, with our Year 6 students ‘symbolically’ atop the ‘spider web’, and the preps surrounding the bottom, with our Years 1 to 5 boys encircling the area. The boys then sang our school song, for the first time in many, many months. While a little ‘rustic’, it was still a memorable moment for us all.

Santa in the Southwood Centre
At the conclusion of our Prep to Year 2 Christmas Morning, Santa arrived in our Southwood Centre, it was a very special moment . As usual, Santa was very jolly and the boys loved hearing from him.
I wish you and your family the best Christmas possible and a fulfilling and enjoyable New Year.


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