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I know the phrase – “We are all in this together” has been delivered to us in a million ways. From celebrities, to advertisements on television and through social media.

Moving to online learning within an Early Childhood setting has been a ride of bumps and triumphs.

The staff onsite miss the children who are home and through our Zoom meetings, we see that the children at home are missing their teachers and friends.

This said, for the staff it has been wonderful to see the growth and development in the children. To engage one on one with a child in a Zoom meeting, to have no distractions within a room setting but to concentrate just on the little person in front of you has been rewarding and deeply satisfying.

We have observed the children go from being shy on Zoom, to learning how to enter, mute, unmute and leave a meeting fully self-sufficient.

My greatest joy during these weeks has been to spend time with the children, developing deeper relationships with them.

My greatest learning curve has been to release some control when the children are in a large group Zoom session. To sit back and listen to the children call to each other, interrupt what has been planned to tell us all something and to share a little of their home life with us.

I am very keen to have all the children return to learning onsite but a small part of me will miss the very special nature of our crazy loved filled Zoom meetings.

We are all in this together has never been more relevant than when 15 three years old’s are showing and sharing their toys and pets at the same time.



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