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Girls’ Junior School

During Term 3 all girls in years 3-6 participated in the inaugural Girls’ Junior School Public Speaking Competition.

This competition asked the girls to come up with a short speech about something of interest for them. The Junior School Girls were amazing in the breadth of topics they came up with, along with the manner in which they expressed themselves. Thank you to all students for the willingness to have a go, and to put yourself into a space which is not necessarily comfortable for all.

Last Tuesday our community was fortunate enough to have Mr Mc Manus join us as an adjudicator for our final whereby the following girls represented their classes.

Year 3 Finalists:

    • Sarah White – Why cats would make great parents.
    • Riya Yogesh-Kumar: What would it have been like to live in the time of the Spanish Flu?
    • Linna Yue: Be Kind in the Virtual World

Year 4 Finalists:

    • Grace Clarke – Playing Drums
    • Senudhi Karayawasam – Kindness
    • Alysha Veith – Paediatrics

Year 5 Finalists:

  • Jaymie Ashman – What its really like at a Dance Competition
  • Maddison Bailey – A real-life Superhero
  • Avie Lee – Ways to help the Environment

Year 6 Finalists:

  • Madelaine Jennings – Stop Killing our Brumbies
  • Isabel Pham – Why You Should Never Buy Caged Eggs
  • Sienna Hams – All Parents/Guardians Should Teach Their Children to Cook

Mr Mc Manus was incredibly impressed with the stand of speeches by the girls and noted the highly developed manner in which the girls were able to link their ideas and coherently speak to the audience. Congratulations to these students!

The winners of our competition were:

Year 3: Sarah White

Year 4: Alysha Veith

Year 5: Avie Lee

Year 6: Isabel Pham



Boys’ Junior School 

Each week our Junior School Boys are presented with a weekly Well-being Journal, and the theme for this week’s is diversity. To complement this week’s theme, they have been presented with the Rosa parks story, a celebration of the Boys’ Junior school recent Tintern’s Got talent competition, the aforementioned Cole Blakely talk, and the uplifting song celebrating uniqueness, This Is me.


In our most recent prep-Year 2, and Year 3-6 Assemblies, we celebrated and discussed “Wear It Purple” Day. The acceptance and celebration of diversity, the reinforcement of being proud of ourselves, and the importance of understanding that we are all unique, is such an important message. Whether it be hair colour, body shape, hobbies, interests, strengths, challenges, who we play with or how we dress…as long as we are respectful and kind, we should be proud of ourselves.


On Monday morning we watched the inspiring Tedx talk by Cole Blakely who celebrates differences as he describes his beautiful friendship with Steven, a 44 year old man with Autism.




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