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Celebrating our Mums for Mother’s Day

Celebrating the special people in our lives is important to the children in our care. Mother’s Day is hugely important. While our little ones are still quite egocentric, they do understand the important part Mums play in their lives and they are happy to show and express their love for them.

This year we completed a variety of activities centred around mums. All children made a special present and card to give to Mum on Mother’s Day. The children painted a portrait of Mum and then were asked why they loved their mums. Staff scribed their words underneath the portraits.

“I love riding my bicycle with Mummy” said Sarah

“I love Mummy’s heart “said Jeffrey

“When I’m sad Mummy gives me a cuddle” said Esther

“Playing with Mummy and Marley with the blocks. We love to do that together” said Spencer

“ When I help her tidy up ( that is what makes mum smile)” said Annabelle

A lovely High Tea was held in each of the classes in the ELC on Wednesday. It was great to see so many Mums, Aunts and Grandmas join us for this special occasion.  Activities such as creating a key ring, drawing a picture, completing a puzzle together, reading a book together were set up in the rooms. In preparation for this event the children learnt some special songs which they sang to their mums at the conclusion of our High Tea.

Across the week we read a variety of picture books such as “The Mummy book” by Todd Parr, “Where’s my Mummy” by Colin and Jacqui Hawkins and “My Mum is a Superhero” by Ruby Brown sand Lesley Vamos.

All children shopped at the Mother’s Day Stall and chose the perfect present for our Mums.

We hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday and let’s finish with a special poem which highlights the importance of Mums.

Of all the special

Joys in life,

The big ones

and the small

A mother’s love

and tenderness

Is the greatest

of them all.


Genevieve Brown

ELC Teacher



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