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Crooks not Robbers!

In our Junior School Christmas Services this year we have been looking at the origin of some of our Christmas traditions. One such tradition is the ‘Candy Cane’ and the students have enjoyed discovering more about it. In doing this we have also realised that so many of the things we do today at Christmas find their origin in that first Christmas 2000 years ago.

It is reported that candy canes were Originally straight – thus called ‘canes’ but the distinctive ‘hook’ shape associated with candy canes is traditionally credited to a choirmaster at in Germany, who, in 1670 bent straight candy sticks into canes to represent a shepherd’s crook. These were then given to children at Christmas to remember the shepherds. The shepherds were the first people to visit the baby Jesus and a crook was a vital tool for any shepherd.

As well as being a crook, the candy cane if turned the other way becomes the letter ‘J’ for Jesus and the colours symbolise his purity (white) and the blood he was to shed dying on the cross (red).

May your Christmas this year be filled with awe and wonder and the peace of the Christ Child.



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