Boys’ Junior School News

Boys’ Junior School News 

It was certainly a week of mixed experiences! As I emailed earlier in the week, my sincerest gratitude to all of our Junior School Community; boys, staff and families, for the patient, co-operative, respectful and caring manner in which the three school days of remote learning occurred. Our children displayed such mature independence, and their ability to join meetings and events, and to share their ‘out of school’ lives, was very special for us. Then on Thursday, the boys ‘bounced back’ into on site learning with their normal vigour and enthusiasm. I hope that the boys have gained a strong sense of fulfilment, and appreciation of their ability to embrace change and ‘bounce’ in times of adversity.

Sir Ernest Shackleton

In both of our Assemblies this week, I spoke about Sir Ernest Shackleton, as we recognised his birthday on 15 February. His story is certainly one of resilience and strong leadership. With the aim of completing a Trans Atlantic Expedition that would see him and his team cross Antarctica, his ship, Endurance, became stuck in an ice floe on the 19 January 1915. Shackleton believed in the importance of keeping busy and positively focussed, and so organised roles for each man, and games of soccer, on the ice.

On the 21 November 1915, the moving ice floe finally crushed the ship, with the men having to set up base on the ice for two months. Again, Shackleton kept their spirits up, by serving them hot chocolate each morning, organising concerts and ensuring they all had books to read. He then arranged for them to depart to find land. On the 14 April, for the first time in 16 months, the men set foot on solid land, albeit isolated and harsh. Shackleton then took 5 of his crew and sailed another 1200 kms through open water to reach a whaling station, where after trekking 30kms across mountainous land, he reached help. In an amazing story of survival, that is not brought to life adequately in this paragraph, Shackleton and his crew were all saved.

I have encouraged the boys to find out more about Shackleton and his journey. In a moment of great synergy for us, Shackleton’s headstone is marked with a symbol familiar to us all, that provides us with guidance and support.


Friday Assembly – Prep to Year 2 Boys

Throughout the year, each of our Prep-Year 2 boys gives a special, unique presentation in one of our Friday Assemblies. These presentations reflect an area of interest, a special event… anything about which the boys wish to talk. They are always entertaining, while providing further opportunity to develop confidence and independence.

On Friday, Oli spoke about the Perseverance rover landing on Mars (literally 45 minutes before his talk); a terrifically informative presentation. Yucheng then spoke about his Tintern Journey so far. His final slide and reflection (at left) was a wonderful reflection of what we continue to discuss in our assemblies and Junior School; “I am who I am”, and being




Jinghangs’ performance

In our prep – 2 assembly this week Jinghang You in Year 2 played a wonderful solo on the Piano, Jinghang is playing so beautifully at the grade 3 level and enjoyed the challenge of playing on the grand piano in the Southwood centre.

We are so pleased to showcase our musicians at assemblies and encourage you to watch Jinghangs’ fabulous performance here. 

Congratulations Jinghang!


Jacquie Casey

Junior School Choral and Performing Arts Coordinator



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