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Despite our best hopes we were placed in a “circuit-breaker” lockdown for 5 days and it was amazing to see the response by staff, students and families. To move seamlessly from face-to-face learning into remote learning was a real credit to all involved and allowed the learning of our students to continue along without an issue. A huge congratulations must go to our Year 7s students who returned from camp on Friday afternoon only to be told of the news about not being on campus come Monday and that their learning would be facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Although remote learning was not a new concept for these students, for many the use of Microsoft Teams was new. Their ability to adopt this platform without lead in time or face-to-face instruction was both a credit to them and their adaptability, as well as to their year level co-ordinators, pastoral mentors and teaching staff. It was a wonderful effort by everyone involved. It is great to be back on campus as a community, but comforting to know that as these potential situations arise over the coming months/years, the learning of our students can continue along as required.  

Our Year 7s enjoyed a fantastic week down at Shoreham for their camp participating in surfing, standup paddle boarding, snorkeling, bike riding and other activities aimed at introducing them to our outdoor education program within the Middle School. Our Year 9s are currently hiking their way along the Great Ocean Walk in what is a true test of their commitment, teamwork and resilience. Whilst or Year 8s are in preparation for their own camp to the Grampians later this term in March. 


Year 7

Naomi Baulch (Year 7-8 Boys Co-ordinator) & Anthea Watkins (Year 7-8 Girls’ Co-ordinator) 

Year 7 have certainly had a busy start to their 2021 year at Tintern Grammar. From their official welcome as the class of 2026 at our annual Foundation Assembly through to their Shoreham Camp last week they have met each and every new experience with open minds and hearts. Camp saw the students cooking on a trangia, bike riding, surfing and snorkelling with seals to mention just a few of the amazing activities.  

All of our Middle School students took part in the Resilient Youth survey during our first week at school and we would like to applaud the students for their frank feedback as this will help us to mould our Pastoral Programs for the next 12 months. Our GEM Day allowed the students to complete their planning for camp and to watch the Film “Inside Out” which forms the basis for much of the Resilience Program themes for Year 7. In the coming weeks the Year 7s will start their study skills program with a focus on establishing healthy study routines and some handy IT skills as well. 




Year 8

Naomi Baulch (Year 7-8 Boys’ Co-ordinator) & Anthea Watkins (Year 7-8 Girls’ Co-ordinator) 

Year 8 students returned to school this year with the confidence expected from a group of young people who have a year of secondary school – including remote learning – under their belt. Unlike this time last year, routines of school such as timetables, homework expectations, lockers and meeting new teachers are now second nature, resulting in a very smooth start to 2021.  

This is the perfect year for students to try something new, and students are urged to participate in some of the many additional opportunities here at Tintern Grammar. The Green Team and Young Farmers are particularly popular, and so too are Debating and the many offerings through the Music Department. Keeping an eye on the Portal and notices in the Middle School building will keep students informed about these extra activities, which help develop well-rounded young people.  

GEM day on 3 February gave the students the opportunity to take a breath in the middle of the week, and do something different. The students participated in activities with our School Leaders and completed a variety of Resilience Project activities, including watching a recommended video in the Theatre. The boys also had a swim in the pool while the girls painted jars to be used throughout the year during their Pastoral sessions.  

In the coming weeks, we will begin preparing for the Year 8 Camp which will be a variety of outdoor activities in what promises to be a wonderful experience for our students. 




Year 9

Emma Lowing (Year 9 Co-ordinator) 

The first few weeks of Term 1 for our Year 9 students has been full of new experiences, adjusting to a co-educational Year 9 space and refamiliarizing themselves with the routine of school life.  Given the inability to gather together as a community over the last 12 months, the Foundation Assembly was a wonderful opportunity for our whole school to gather together and celebrate our own heritage and reflect on how far we have progressed as a school; to be reminded of the traditions that keep us connected, and proud of what we stand for.  Academic classes are back in full swing, and I hope the recent Elevate Education Session on time management has helped students think ahead and plan/organise their daily routines to enable some successful and achievable study habits.  Feedback from students and staff from this session was that it was very engaging with lots of student interaction and some great advice on how to stay on top of work expectations. 

Amidst the business end of school, students participated in their first GEM day on the 3 February which provided a chance to learn about the practicalities of packing a pack, setting up a tent and learning about good food choices for their upcoming hike. The highlight for most of our Year 9’s was floating on a riversled with their classmates on the Yarra River in Warrandyte. This experience, plus the upcoming hike, should be a great icebreaker with the intention of students not only getting a chance to get to know other classmates, but to also discover some of their own capabilities. 






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