Girls’ Junior School News

Girls’ Junior School News

Year 5 Girls

The year commenced well for our Year 5 Girls. We have been very productive, experiencing many different aspects of life as a Year 5 student and establishing our Learning Community. Some of our highlights have been a visit to the Farm, Chess and our Year 2 Buddies.

On our first visit to the Farm we named the rooster Bob and the hens Petunia and Sadie. We named the goats Ben and Jerry and Billy and Bella. We were taught by Mrs Grochowska how to hold a hen and many of us took the opportunity to try it for ourselves. We had a mystery to solve from Mrs Grochowska to highlight the importance of being curious and to look around at all aspects of the farm. We learned what to do if the sheep are around and be prepared if they make any sudden movements.

We have also had the enthusiastic Daniel from Ultimate Kids facilitate Chess lessons for us each week. It has been a great chance to learn about game strategy, the individual pieces and to play games against each other. We have learnt about pawns, bishops and castles, but if you’re a pro, you call the castle a ‘rook’. Some of the games we played against each other was only using three pieces, with the aim of taking all of our opponents’ pieces.

Another highlight to commence the year has been to meet and get to know our Year 2 Buddies. This is a wonderful way for the Year 5 Girls to demonstrate their leadership skills, their thoughtfulness and to establish a lovely working relationship. We have had lunch with them, shared stories and we look forward to sharing more learning experiences and time together with them in the future.

Miranda Price

Year 5 Teacher


Year 1 Girls visit the STEAM Centre

It has been an exciting time in the STEAM Centre for the Year 1 girls over the past two weeks. They have had their first experiences with 3D printing! Led by Mrs Healey and assisted by Mrs Campbell, Mr Hilet, Mrs Whitcher and Mr Mantell, the girls have used the Scribbletool feature on the Tinkercad program to design a face and a creature. The girls quickly understood that all the components of their design need to be connected in order to print as one piece, and they proceeded to design an interesting range of faces and creatures on their screens. Last week, the girls viewed the 3D printer in action, which was very exciting. We wonder what the next session will bring? The possibilities are endless! As you can see by the happy faces, the girls were also pretty excited to receive their own lanyard with their Tinkercad log in details and can be seen the following week with their first 3D printed product attached!

Kara – After you 3D print, the object goes into a special bath and then the white bit at the bottom dissolves.

Corrine, Olivia Z, Amani and Holly  – We all designed our faces, then we chose a cat, dinosaur, dog or lion to design.

Julia and Anisha – The filament is what the things are printed with and it melts to make your thing in layers.

Ruby – We have our own login to get into Tinkercad.


Mary Whitcher

Year 1 Girls’ Classroom Teacher

Prep-Year 2 Cluster Co-ordinator Junior Schools




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