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It’s hard to imagine what we were thinking at the beginning of 2020 in terms of what lay ahead for all of the students and the school. No doubt it was focussed on academic endeavours, sporting opportunities, music performances, the school musical, trips and tours. Who would’ve thought that we’d be looking back on a year that has turned out the way it did. COVID-19 has provided the world, our country, our state of Victoria especially, and every one of us, with challenges and setbacks we could never have expected.

We were fortunate to successfully run all three Middle School camps in Term 1 and therefore provide all students with a part of their outdoor education experience. It was especially great for our new Year 7s who were able to get to know each other socially and pastorally early in the year. EISM sport was underway across Year 8s and 9s, and our school musical was nearing performance time toward the end of the Term. It was at this point that COVID-19 took us on the remote learning pathway that has become synonymous with 2020.

Life as we knew it was turned upside down with staff and students begin fast-tracked in their understanding of Microsoft Teams in preparation for moving all teaching to the online platform. Whilst we returned for a small portion of Term 2, it was at home we would stay for a very large portion of the year before finally being able to come back onsite during Term 4.

With all the difficulties and challenges that remote learning provided, it was incredible to see the way our community responded. The students, the staff and the families all rallied together to ensure that the educational journey of all Tintern students continued in a wonderful way.  We are very grateful for the effort of our students and staff, and for the support that our families and wider school community provided everyone.

In the months ahead, it will be interesting to see if the period of remote learning will have any noticeable impact on the current group of students. Some experts have expressed their concerns about potential gaps in the learning of students; however, there are far more who predict a very optimistic outlook in terms of the skills our students developed this year such as resilience and independence. The forced development of these skills across all ages can only be of benefit to students as they continue to grow and move their way through their educational journey. It is this outlook that I tend to agree with, even with my own primary school aged children.


Assembly Links

It does feel as though we are almost back to normal at the moment with the level of activity that is happening in the classrooms and around the school grounds again. In recent weeks we have managed to celebrate our Year 9 Graduation with an online assembly, along with our Middle School End of Year assembly (also online). These two assemblies are available for viewing until Friday 11 December by clicking on the links below.

Tintern Grammar Year 9 Graduation Assembly 2020

Tintern Grammar 2020 Middle School EOY Assembly


Middle School Leaders 2021

During our Middle School assembly, we announced our new student leadership team for 2021. It is a wonderful group of enthusiastic and committed students who will continue on with the great work achieved by our leadership team of 2020. Our 2021 leaders are:






Anni Gao

Barathan Mahadeva


Anika Mulemane

Trent Chisholm

School Leader

Katherine Howell

Callum Power

School Leader

Emily Stokes

Liam Rosewarne

Butterss-Cross House Captain

Zoe Leonard

Aiden Van Dijk

Dann-Watt House Captain

Skye Sriratana

Luke Fryer

Gordon-Grant House Captain

Salma Maher

Will Kenny

Mansfield-McKie House Captain

Elsje Van Vroonhoven

Jayden Lee

Somner-Stewart House Captain

Emily Block

Kye Bertram

Music and Drama

Helen Yang

Hovan Truong


Ava Cantor

Flynn Hutchinson


Maddie Glasson

Alexander Martin


Middle School Awards

At the end of their Middle School journey there are four awards presented to select students. The awards are:




The Middle School Endeavour Award

Awarded to a Year 9 girl and boy who have distinguished themselves through displaying: ongoing commitment and responsibility for their own behaviour and learning, and determination to improve their academic grades across the Middle School years. Significant service to their classmates and to the School and outstanding qualities of character and integrity including, demonstrated respect for self and others.

In 2020 this award went to: Meleah Byth and Lachlan Smith.


The JP Masters Award

Jerry Masters was a foundation member of the Southwood staff who was an outstanding teacher, demonstrating dedication and commitment to the education of Southwood students. The JP Masters award is presented to a Middle School student who, as judged by the Middle School Pastoral Staff, best exemplifies the values portrayed by the Compass.

In 2020 this award went to: Max Lalor.


Elspeth Adamson Award

The most prestigious Award made available to a Middle School girl is the Elspeth Adamson Award  which is given annually to the Year 9 student who most embodies the School’s motto and who has  made a significant contribution for the good of the School in service of her Middle School peers and the whole School Community. Elspeth Adamson was a former staff member who was Deputy Principal of Tintern Schools from 1997 – 2006.

In 2020 this award went to: Natasha Gillam.


Semester 2 Reports

Very soon our reports for Semester 2 will be made available to students and parents and as always, we encourage all students to read over their reports and reflect on how they have gone throughout Term 3 and 4 this year. It is important that they focus on the behavioural indicators and not just the grades, as a means of measuring their success this year. It is these indicators that help provide a true reflection to their level of success at school. It is also important that they begin to think about goals for 2021 and about areas they intend to improve in.


Year 9 Summer Expeditions

We have been fortunate to have our Year 9 Summer Expeditions go ahead last week and this has seen different groups hiking the high country, rafting down the Mitchell River, sea kayaking and sailing the Gippsland Lakes, and rock-climbing Mount Arapiles. There were some great stories upon their return as well as some stories of challenge and growth. For many this will be their last outdoor education style camp and hopefully one they will definitely remember.


Term 1 2021

Looking ahead to next year, our first day of school for 2021 Year 8s and 9s is Monday 1st February (a Day 6 of our timetable). If you are a family with a Year 7 starting next year then they begin on Friday 29th January (a Day 5 of our timetable). We are all very excited for a positive year and one hopefully free of interruptions. This will provide all students with the opportunity to get involved in the co-curricular and sports programs, along with the academic program.

I would like to wish all families a wonderful summer break and a lovely Christmas period, hopefully spent with family and friends. I would also like to wish those families moving at the end of this year all the very best for your new ventures. To our staff here at Tintern, I am extremely grateful for the hard work and effort they have all put in to this year in order to make it as successful as it was – you have definitely earned a good rest in order to be ready again next year. Finally, thank you to all families for you amazing support to your child/children and to the school throughout the year of 2020. I look forward to seeing you all next year.




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