Year 4-6 Code Clubs

Year 4-6 Code Clubs

This semester we have established two coding clubs for Years 4 to 6. Our girls code club is called Coding Queens while the boys are known as Software Chasers. These clubs are for students with a keen interest or unquenchable curiosity about coding. Students work at different levels according to their knowledge and experience. Those new to coding are using block coding while others with more experience have taken on the challenge of line coding using Python. Students are encouraged to select coding courses they want to tackle via the GROK learning platform. Coding Queens meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Software Chasers meet on Wednesdays and Fridays. We meet online via TEAMS and collaborate to solve the various coding challenges students encounter within their courses.

Each meeting students readily share ideas and solutions while encouraging each other to actively demonstrate persistence, courage and taking risks with their learning. Courses on the GROK learning platform engage via their interest in Biology, monster making and exploring fun animations using turtle. During Term 3, their understanding of and fluency in useful programming languages such as Python have increased measurably. Our Coding Queens and Software Chasers are building valuable digital literacy skills as well as demonstrating creativity, mathematical logic, critical thinking and peer-to-peer collaboration. Confidence in creating with and using digital technologies in a myriad of ways has become an essential skill for us all in 2020. Without a doubt, digital technologies will continue to be so in the future.

Mrs Sue Healey                                                         Mrs Christine Campbell

Director of Information & Technology Services                   Digital Technologies Library teacher

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