Year 3 Geometry – Angles

Recently the Year 3 boys have been exploring angles; we can now identify angles as measures of turn and can compare angle sizes in everyday situations. We have been busy learning the names and sizes of different angles such as acute, obtuse, right, reflect, straight and revolution angles. We then wondered how we would go about measuring the size of angles, so protractors were introduced to the boys.

The more we increased our knowledge of angles, we started to notice angles are everywhere, even when we write our names. We set ourselves a challenge, find out how many angles were in our names, what types of angles and for an extra challenge, measure them.

“I am Noah, and in Maths we were writing our names neatly in capital letters to see what angles we could find and how big they were. In total I had 16 angles. Overall it was a really fun task!” Noah Quinlan

 “We made our names and looked at the angles. My name had 10 angles, some people had a lot more. I thought it was a fun activity, and little hard but still very fun.” Emil Zhang

For our Maths activity we looked at angles in our name, I decided to label the types of angle. First, we had to do a draft copy on graph paper first. Then we got a blank piece of paper and did our good copy. We then chose a coloured piece of card, to glue our name onto, I chose yellow. Finally, we traced over our grey lead with textas and labelled the angles. I was the first one to finish.” Jack Ravenscroft

by Kylie Newman, Boys’ Year 3 Teacher



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