Year 12 VCE Visual Arts and Design Exhibition 2021

We are excited to share the 2021 Year 12 VCE Visual Arts and Design Exhibition with you all! This year’s exhibition is available for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own time, virtually. You can use the arrow key or click & drag function of the cursor and explore the pieces in any order you choose. You can zoom in closer to the works to view them individually, and read the artist/design statements regarding the works by simply clicking on the image.

More on the exhibition from Rachel Waud – Head of Visual Arts and Design…

“No matter whether the art and design piece takes the form of a photograph, a textile piece, a sculpture, drawing, piece of furniture or painting it still allows people to express themselves and communicate with others.

Art is a great leveller, it can draw outsiders into our world and give them the tools to understand how we live or how we think in a much deeper way than if we just tried to describe something to them. Through their work the students have been able to show people many things, not just about artistic technique or design decisions, but also about themselves.

This process of communication is also valuable as a shared experience. When you participate in something artistic and creative with other people it can be far more valuable than many other group activities, because it always has at its heart an element of personal expression.

Creativity and Art ties people together and refuses to let them go.

Because of the experiential nature of art & design we know that the wonderful works you are about to explore all tell a story. It might not be a conscious story, and it might not be a true story – but there will be something in each work which reveals to us a snippet of information about the artists.”





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