This issue’s Welcome, is from Alison Andrew – School Chaplain

Empty or Full – the paradox of Easter

We love things that are full, a full coffee cup, a full bank balance, a full pantry and so when we approach Easter and find the joy is in the tomb being empty it doesn’t fit our usual way of understanding the world – but then again much of the way Jesus approached people and the world was counter cultural.

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen” – Matthew 28:5-6

The tomb was empty and in that moment, Christians believe death was defeated and hope, life and ultimately love won.

For our students, entering into the word of 2000 years ago through text and reflections at our Easter Services is not an easy journey. The setting, the ideas, the imagery and the messages are complex. So why do we have Easter Services? The easy answer is, ‘We are an Anglican School with Christian Foundations’, but that really doesn’t answer the deeper ‘Why?’ question.

I believe we pause and remember and celebrate for two main reasons, the first being, that more than a third of the worlds people hold this text, this series of events as so important and sacred they base their lives on it. In order to understand each other and the people of our world we need to know what people value and why and for many people this Bible text and events are key.

The second reason, I think, is that this is such a counter cultural story that it challenges us all to think about the themes of sacrifice, commitment and love. All themes that call us and our students beyond ourselves.

For the Christians in our school, it is also, of course, an amazingly precious and sacred time of remembering and celebration.

This year our Junior School students are joining together on our last day to travel the journey that Jesus took from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Day through text, reflections, and song. This is then followed by our Secondary School students engaging in an Easter Service also, following the same themes but at a deeper level. I encourage you to ask your son or daughter about the Easter Service and if new understandings of the world or themselves came from it.

May your Easter not be empty, but filled with hope, life and love.

Alison Andrew | School Chaplain



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