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Easter is always a special time at Tintern, and we enjoy sharing it with the children. We use Easter to explore the diversity of culture, heritage, background, and traditions of our families in relation to Easter traditions. Through this the children develop a greater understanding and become aware of connections or similarities between all our ELC families. This year each room completed different Easter activities, for the children to explore for the last three weeks of term.

One of these activities was creating a social area where children could play, explore and playing with bunnies and Easter eggs. In this space the children held mock egg hunts and played with the rabbits. We supplied large and small eggs, and rabbit shapes for the children to paste and paint. The Early Learners did a lovely job with their wooden Bunnies, and I know they are excited to take them home at the end of the term. The children in all the

three rooms have created some lovely Easter bunnies using rainbow colours and cotton wool. The children have enjoyed sharing, looking at their work and that of their friends.

As a fun treat we decorated egg shape biscuits with icing and sprinkles. I am not sure what was more fun decorating the biscuits or eating them. Sticky fingers and sticky happy faces. A pure sugar rush!!!!

We had a visit from the Easter bunny who left not only his footprints but also eggs for us. It was lucky that we had pre-made Easter Baskets for him to put the eggs into. Great excitement was experienced by the children as they discovered his footprints and left over fluff from his tail. What a wonderful way to practise inclusive ways of achieving co-existence and being part of a bigger group. I think my favourite part of Easter this year was listening to the children practise their Easter songs in readiness for their Easter parades and the Year 2 to Pre-Prep Easter Concert.

I know it will be wonderful to see them performing and parading in their self-made Easter Ears, sharing and enjoy this with their families. Rev Allison has also planned a visit later in the week to share an Easter story and an Easter treat with the children. When reading all the above, it is easy to see why the children in the ELC are ready for a break and rest from school.

Therefore, we hope that all our families, children and staff have a great Easter, and safe holiday break.


Kristin De Vos | Director of Early Learning Centre




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